Best Browsers for Adblocking



The Best Browsers for Ad-Blocking (Besides Chrome)

Since there aren’t many reasons to move away from Chrome, Google has not made the changes as had been requested by users which adversely impacts how the content-blocking browser extensions such as ad blockers that work in Chrome.

The technical changes, that cause this are quite complicated but is based on the newly implemented system that looks at how Chrome extensions work and are known as Manager V3. The depreciation of old API has been due to this changeover as well as the breaking of tech such as the ad-blocking apps. It forces the developers to consider other less effective techniques for content blocking. This leads to more ads being deployed on the page, even if one is running different ad-blocking extensions.

Enterprise Chrome users are the only exception to this rule which means that only a small percentage of the users would be able to have an entirely ad-free experience when it comes to browsing with Chrome. Although, in 2018 Chrome had introduced its own native ad blocking feature, but it is limited to ads that do not follow the predefined display rules that are in place. This had to users turning to third-party extensions in order to block the remaining ads.

The change is simple, despite the complicated technical changes. The truth is that Google simply makes more money through advertisement which is why they have reduced the ad blocker efficacy on their browser as it ensures that they make more money from ads. This means that ad blockers would be less effective for Chrome. It is due to this reason that a new browser needs to be considered.

The Best Adblocking Browsers

1. Brave

Brave is the preferred choice when it comes to blocking ads. The browser had been specifically designed to provide an ad-free experience to users and has built-in anti-tracking and blocking capabilities. Secure HTTPS is used by it everywhere on the internet. Besides, no ads mean that users would benefit from a faster browser as compared to others out there.

Ironically, speaking of Brave, they had recently launched their new opt-in ad service. It is completely different from what one would find, and it even pays the users for choosing to view a small number of ads during regular intervals as they browse. Brave is looking for revolutionizing the way online ads works. The good news is that users can still enjoy an entirely ad-free browsing experience.

2. Firefox

Firefox is the obvious replacement for Chrome. Its default settings are simply better. Besides, there are plenty of customizable settings to fine tune the browsing experience. The mobile app is incredible. Firefox is a good alternative to Chrome.

3. Opera

Opera might not be as popular as Chrome, Firefox or Chrome, but it surely offers users a great ad-blocking experience. Opera blocks ads by default. Furthermore, Opera even offers a free VPN that is built-in for both mobile and desktop.

4. Edge

Microsoft Edge can also be a great alternative. There is plenty of ad-blocking add-ons for this browser. If anyone is looking for a chrome-like experience, then Opera can be considered.

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