Why a Website or Service Cannot be Accessed



Find Out Why a Website or Service on the Internet Cannot be Accessed

It is always possible for even some of the most prominent websites or services to go down. Although the downtime of websites such as Twitter, YouTube or Face is often measured in seconds, other websites, on the other hand, might be down for hours or in some cases, days at a time.

Downtime is not the only reason why one might not be able to access a website. It is possible for a website to be blocked in your country, there might be ISP routing issues, or it is blocked by security software.

This guide will provide you with a list of suggestions which can be used to analyze the connection issues. Recommendations would be listed on this basis to access the site regardless of the connectivity issues.

Part 1

Analyze Why the Website cannot be accessed. Four options can be used to analyze the website.

Part 2

Troubleshoot the connectivity issues. In case there are any connectivity issues, they can be troubleshot easily.

Part 3

How to Access a Site That Cannot Be Accessed

It is possible to access a blocked site. It could either be blocked countrywide or by the ISP.

The following tools or services would be useful to access the site.

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