Classic Paint

An offline-enabled classic paint editor built on top of HTML5



This is an online replica of the classic MS Paint. The project is forked from 1j01/jspaint project. The goal of this project is to bring a simple user-friendly paint editor that can be used by any project without the need to have a native photo editor. The "JSPaint" project tries to bring all known MS Paint's features to the web.


This projects forks the original jspaint project and prepares it for offline access. Once the resources are fetched, this painting editor works offline. The project tries to be compatible with the well-known MS paint as much as possible. You can even install this web application and use it offline like a normal photo editor.

  1. Supports undo and redo similar to the original native alternatives
  2. Stores a backup of the currently edited image in your browser history. So you can recover the page even after a possible crash.
  3. Supports editing transparent images. Please read the documentation on the JSPaint's GitHub page
  4. Create Gif images from the current page's history
  5. Convert SVG images to bitmap format. Use the "File" menu to open any type of supported image and convert it into BMP format.
  6. Supports all basic image operations such as rotation, cropping, converting to grayscale, adding text, and more.
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