Dinosaur Game

Avoid obstacles, including cacti and pterodactyls by pressing the up and down keys



Pass through obstacles such as cacti and pterodactyls to get the highest score possible! This page brings the original "Dino" game that was released in September 2018, by Google for Chrome's 10th birthday!


This game is about running through all obstacles by pressing just two buttons. Hit the up key to jump and hit the down key to lay down. For up key, there are two alternatives. You can either hit the "W" key or space bar. Instead of the down key, you can press the "S" key. This game also supports touch screen hits. Use the half right of your screen to jump and the rest goes for laying down. The goal of this game is to get a higher score by avoiding all obstacles, including cacti and pterodactyls.

This web page can be installed on your mobile and desktop computer as a standalone application (PWA). To do so, wait for the page to load and then follow the browser instruction to convert the page to a PWA.

Also, note that you can install this game in your Chrome or Edge browser to enjoy the game on a popup view. If on your mobile device the game does not load, don't worry. Just install it as a PWA (progressive web app) and it should work just fine. Some browsers do not support running WASM code on webpages yet.

Download links for popular browsers are as follows: Google Chrome, Edge

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