Metadata Editor

Explore metadata of given files (supports image, video, audio, PDF and many more formats)



The "Metadata Editor" is an application that extracts and displays metadata information from various file formats such as video, audio, PDF, and image files. It uses the official ExifTool Perl library. The extracted metadata is listed in the interface, and it can be used to check if the provided files contain sensitive information in their header before sharing them with others. Simply drag and drop the files into the interface and wait for a few minutes for the application to process the metadata.


This Progressive Web Application (PWA) allows you to extract metadata from files without the need to send them to a remote server. It loads resources locally, allowing for offline metadata extraction. Once the initial loading is complete, you can even disconnect from the internet and still use the application, as it utilizes the browser cache for subsequent usage. It uses the official ExifTool library to read the metadata header of the provided files, helping you ensure that the files do not contain sensitive information such as geographic coordinates on image files. The metadata information, also known as tags, is organized into human-readable groups based on the file type. Some popular groups include:

A list of the most commonly extracted tags that this application displays:

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