PDF Reader

An offline Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer based on Mozilla's PDF.js library



An offline Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer based on Mozilla's PDF.js library


What is PDF Reader application?

This application is a powerful PDF reader that parses PDF files using HTML5 only. The engine of this application is the PDF.js library which is developed and maintained by Mozilla Corporation. This application loads PDF files without the need to have a native application on your device. If you are planning to use this application frequently, you can install it as a web application (PWA). This way, the application is installed on your desktop computer or Android phone like a native application but with the security and power of the web. Note that this application loads all the necessary resources on the first run and caches them for later use so the first load might take some time, but all the subsequent loads are really fast. If all the resources are fetched once, you can load this PDF reader even when there is no internet connection. To open a new PDF file, press the "Open" button from the toolbar area. On desktop computers, you can drop a PDF file into the PDF reader interface to open it. Note that this application does not use any sort of external services to render PDF files, however, some PDF documents require the loading of external fonts. To prevent the need of having large caching space, this application does not cache remote fonts.

Using this application you can render and print PDF files too. There is a button on the toolbar area of the application to help with your printing needs. Also, you can press the download button to make a copy of the current PDF file.

To open external PDF files, due to security reasons, the application may reject downloading, if so, you need to download the PDF files locally to your computer and then use the "Open" button to view the PDF file in this application. On mobile devices, if this application is installed as a progressive web application (PWA), you can use the sharing option. You can directly share a PDF file with this application.

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