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This page uses different techniques to test your popup blocker add-on/plugin. Currently, there are more than 20 methods designed to test the effectiveness of a popup blocker. Simply click on the buttons below to see if your popup blocker can block the generated popup. Each button has a description of the underlying logic. Please read descriptions before clicking on each button.

Popup Blocker Detection

Test the effectiveness of your popup blocker plugin

Click to overwrite "window.open" and try the above methods one more time!
Click to overwrite "MouseEvent.prototype.preventDefault" and try the above methods one more time!
Click to load two popups on "document_start"

What is "popup blocker"?

Popup blocker is a software that helps you block unwanted pop-ups or pop-unders (a small stand-alone window that suddenly opens with or without a user-action). In general, popups are annoying, therefore there are software or plugins that try to block these king of popups. This page can show you how effective is a popup blocker by testing the software against more than 20 different methods for opening a popup. It is important to note that these are not the only methods to open a popup. Therefore, even if a popup blocker can effectively block these popups, still, there might be situations where a popup is opened in your browser and your popup blocker fails to block it.

These methods are the most common techniques that websites usually use to open popups. As mentioned above each method has an explanation right next to the button which you can read to get more info about the underlying logic behind the generated popup.

How can I protect my browser against undesired popups

There are plenty of software, plugins or add-ons that claim to block popups. However, not all of them are effective. You can search in popular app stores (i.e. Chrome web store, Mozilla or Opera add-on stores) and find a popup blocker. Then, use this website to test whether the popup blocker is effective enough or not. As mentioned above, these tests do not cover all the methods that websites use to open popups. However, these are the most common techniques to open popups as found on various websites.

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