Speech to Text

Easily convert your speech to text via a smart voice recognition engine in your browser!



A handy and easy-to-use tool to convert your voice to text via JavaScript speech recognition API. Simply press on the microphone button and start speaking, as you talk the recognized text will be rendered in the top area.


This web application is designed to convert your voice to text. It is working purely based on the native HTML5 - SpeechRecogniton - API and supports 60 languages. Currently, this API is working in the Chrome browser only. Moreover, according to the API documentation, it involves a server-based recognition process. Therefore, speech recognition does NOT work when you are offline. As you talk, the recognized text is rendered in the top text area. Please note that the recognition engine may have some inaccuracies as this API is a new technology and still under active development. Before working with this app, please first choose your language.

To work with this web application, as mentioned above, please first choose your language, and then click on the microphone button above. Start talking in the microphone and once you are done click on the microphone button again. As you talk the right border on the microphone button will flash. You can select and copy (Ctrl + C) the recognized text from the text area within the app. Please note that the recognition engine envolves server interactions, therefore, you will internet connection for this app to work properly.

Speech to Text app is also available as a browser extension. Download link for Chrome browser is as following: Chrome

If you found a bug in this page, or have a feature/function which you would like to see in this web app, please let us know by sending an email or through the discussion form below. Moreover, don't forget to check other web apps in webbrowsertools.com, we have many useful apps related to browser's privacy and security.

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