Test Blocking Rules

See if your block site add-on can block desired items (iframe, image, ajax request) with this test page.



Sometimes you need to block a certain website, image, ajax request, or an iframe within a page. There are many - Blocker - addons that perform this task for you. If you want to test your addon and see if it can block an item or even a webpage, please use this test page.

Easily test your blocker plugin

Add the address for each item to your blocker addon, then reload this page or press on the designated button. Currently, you can test, image, ajax, and iframe blocking.
test image
document > iframe
document > iframe > iframe
document > iframe > iframe > iframe

What is Test Blocking Rules?

As mentioned above, this web application is designed to test your blocking addon (i.e. block site, adblocker, HTML blocker, etc.). To do this task, please add an address from the above table to your addon (i.e. options page), then, reload this page or press on a designated button and see if it can block the desired address or not. You can also add the tab URL and reload the page to block the whole page.

There are three iframes (nested iframes), two ajax requests, and one image placed here to test your - blocker - plugin. Each item has a specific catachrestic to test a certain aspect of your addon. Please add the address for each item to your addon (in designated section), or write a regular expression rule then, reloads this page and see if your addon can block desired item(s) or not. For ajax requests please press on the designated button. Alternatively, if you want to test domain blocking, please add the top address on this page (tab URL) to your addon, then reload this page and see if it can block this page or not.

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