Test Flash Player

See if your browser supports flash (.swf) or not.



Test Flash Player is a simple web app to show you whether your browser supports flash player or not. This page contains five embed SWF elements that should play normally if your browser supports flash.

Test Flash Player

Check the below flash content (.swf) and see if it plays in your browser. If your browser supports flash player, all these contents should play normally.
Note: all these example are from DePaul University.
Bumblebee - Simple drawing - download link
Bumblebee - Motion tweening with start and stop buttons - download link
Bumblebee - Using a motion guide - download link
Bumblebee - Placing movie clips randomly - download link
Bumblebee - Simple drag & drop - download link

What is Test Flash Player?

Test Flash Player is a web app to tell you whether your browser supports flash (.swf) or not. SWF is a format used to create multimedia and vector graphics, please read more info about flash at this Wikipedia page. Flash is available as a plugin for all browsers, but due to some security concerns, many modern browsers are now deprecating support for flash players.

Besides the original flash player plugin, there are also some javascript packages to bring the flash player capability to the browsers. One such a package is Ruffle which is a flash player emulator written for javascript. Whether you have an adobe flash plugin or other flash emulators; you can use this website to see if your browser can play flash content or not. There are five sample flash examples available here. All the above items are from DePaul University. Simply reload this page and see if these items are playing normally in your browser or not.

Note: This web app can be used on all desktop and mobile devices and works for all operating systems.

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