Test Right Click

See if the right-click action is allowed or not on the restricted elements in your browser.



Test Right Click is a simple web application to show you whether you can right-click on elements with restrictions on the context menu or not. All the elements with an orange border have some sort of restriction for the right click. If you have a third-party plugin or extension to allow the right-click, you can use this page to see if the extension is working or not.

Test if right click is allowed in your browser

Right-click on the below areas (orange border) to test whether the right-click is allowed or not on the restricted elements in your browser. Note: all these elements have restrictions for the right click. So, in normal browsing, you won't be able to right-click on them. But, with third-party plugins, right-click may become possible.
Method 1: right-click on a restricted element (via inline event-blocking)Right click here
Method 2: right-click on the input (via event-blocking)
Method 3: paste any text into the input field (via paste event)
Method 4: right-click on the image (via event blocking)
Method 5: right-click on the image (via window.alert)
Method 6: right-click on the image (via pointer-events)
Method 7: right-click on the image (via overlap + event blocking)
Method 8: right-click on the image (via overlap + pointer-events)
Method 9: Try to select text (via selectstart event)Sample text
Method 10: Try to select text (via removeAllRanges)Sample text
Method 11: Try to copy text via Ctrl + C (via event blocking)
Method 12: Try to select text (via event blocking)Select this text

What is Test Right Click?

Test Right Click is a web app to tell you whether the right-click action is allowed on restricted elements or not. Some HTML elements may block the right-click action, if you have third-party plugins or extensions (i.e. Allow Right Click) you may be able to overcome this restriction. This web app is designed to tell you whether the right-click action is blocked or not. Simply right-click on designated elements (with an orange border) and see if it is blocked or allowed. Do this operation once with and once without the third-part plugin to be able to compare.

What test methods are available here?

Currently, there are 8 methods available to test here. In normal browsing and without any third-party plugins or extensions, you won't be able to right-click on these elements. Please activate the plugin or extension, and reload this page. Then, try to right-click on these elements again and see if you can perform the right-click action or not. Each method has a description to show the blocking rule for the right-click. For example, method #1 has an inline script to block the context-menu event.

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