Test X-Frame-Options

See if your plugin or addon can remove/ignore the x-frame-options from the response header.



Test X-Frame-Options is a simple web application to show you whether your third-party addon is caple of removing or ignoring the x-frame-options from the response header in the browser. When this header is present, the following iframe, embed, and object elements are not allowed to load.

Test whether an iframe, embed or object element with the x-frame-options header can load or not.

This sample page has (X-Frame-Options: DENY) in the response header and will not load in any iframe. To overcome this restriction, you need a third-party plugin to ignore/remove this header. Use this test page to see if your addon/plugin is working or not.


What is Test X-Frame-Options?

Test X-Frame-Options is a web application that enables you to test your plugin or addon that removes this header from the response header. In general, when this header is present, it prevents the page to load in an iframe. In other words, the browser is not allowed to render the page in any iframe, embed, or object element when the X-Frame-Options is present in the response header (with the value of DENY or SAMEORIGIN). If you need to load a page with an X-Frame-Options header in the above elements, you need a third-party plugin or addon. This web application is designed to enable you to test your plugin or addon. Normally, the above iframe is NOT allowed to load because the X-Frame-Options header is set to Deny. Activate your addon/plugin and reload this page. If the addon is working properly, the iframe should load normally as this header is not present anymore.

What test methods are available here?

Here we have an iframe, embed, and object element with sample HTML content. For all three, the X-Frame-Options header is set to DENY. Therefore, none of these elements should load normally. As mentioned above, activate your extension and reload this page. Now you should be able to see these sample elements load.

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