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Easily convert any text (with background image or color) to a PNG image file with this web application.



With the Text to Image web application, you can easily convert any text to an image file (with png file extension). It also allows you to add a desired background image or color to the resulting image. This web application is particularly useful when you want to share your writings as an image file to social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.).


Please wait for the app to loads completely, then start using it by writing text in the designated textarea. You can format the text by using top toolbar buttons. Once editing is done, please press on the download button to save the text as an image file to your machine (with .png file extension). You can add a background image to the textarea via the file selector in the toolbar (top right corner). Moreover, there is also an option to add a background color to the final image. If you want to clear the UI and start over again, please press on the clear button at the top left corner (third button) of the screen. Once this button is pressed, all the settings will be reverted to the initial values (factory settings).

When you resize the app window, the final image will be resized as well. In other words, the resulting image gets its size from the app UI. Toolbar buttons for text formatting are self-explanatory and have a tooltip text showing a short description. Currently, the final image has a PNG file extension. In the future updates, support for other file extensions (i.e. JPEG) will be added.

This web app does NOT send or store your text or image file(s) to any remote server; everything happens locally on your machine (browser). Therefore, it is safe to use in terms of privacy and security.

This app is also available as a progressive web application. Please load the app in a browser that supports PWA, then follow the instructions to add the PWA to your mobile device. The first time you load the app, it fetches the data from the internet so it might be a little slow in loading. But, the next time you open the app it loads much faster as, all the data are cached in the memory. Text to Image app is also available as a browser extension. As an extension, this app does not need an internet connection and can be used offline in your browser. Download links for three popular browsers are as follows: Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox.

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