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Convert video files via FFmpeg library in your browser!



A handy tool to convert video files. It accepts a wide range of video formats and works based on the famous FFmpeg library in JavaScript.


This web application is designed to convert video files. Simply drop a video file in the designated area within the app (top section). Then, click on a sample command button to insert an FFmpeg command in the input field. If you are familiar with FFmpeg commands, you can edit the command or insert your own. When the command is ready, please click on the - Run - button at the top right corner. Wait for the converting process to finish and then download the result to your system. You can see all the process info in the console area; moreover, when the converting process is done, a preview for the final video will also be shown. Please note that the final file extension needs to be correct depending on the conversion command you enter. To add a correct output file extension you need to be familiar with FFmpeg commands and codecs. The wrong file extension will result in the FFmpeg process error. There are 5 sample commands for converting video files in the app. Pressing on each button will insert the corresponding command in the input area with a valid output file extension. These commands are for those who are not familiar with FFmpeg. But, for advanced users, the command area can be edited to perform a more advanced conversion process. Please note that this app uses FFmpeg library in Javascript which is a compiled version of the original FFmpeg library with Emscripten project. Since this project runs inside your browser via the Javascript engine, it has a lower performance comparing to the original FFmpeg engine in native platforms. Therefore, use this app for lite to moderate tasks and expect sudden crashes or errors while converting the video file (although it is rare).

Technical Notes

As mentioned above, this app works based on the FFmpeg library which is compiled with Emscripten project to javascript language. Therefore, it can be run in almost any modern browser. Please note that, when running the app for the first time, wait for the FFmpeg library to be loaded completely. It may take a which for the library to load as the file size is rather large. Once the app is ready, drag your files in the input areas and start the converting job. Video Converter app, can convert a video file to another video file in a different format, or to an image file. For example, you can use this app to convert a video ".webm" file to an animated ".gif" or a static ".jpeg" image.

Video Converter app is also available as a browser extension. As an extension, this app does not need an internet connection and can be used offline in your browser. Download links for three popular browsers are as follows: Chrome, Opera, Firefox.

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