Vision Test

Test your vision (visual acuity) via snellen chart on your machine (mobile or desktop).



Test your visual acuity or clarity of vision with Snellen chart directly in your browser. Press on the play button and stay 10 feet (3 meters) away from the screen. Repeat the test once for each eye; for each level, you need to have at least 50% percent correct answers.


To work with this web app, simply press on the play button at the top left corner. Hold your left eye and stay 5ft (1.6m) away from the screen. Every 7 seconds the app shows you a character. Read the character direction and wait to see the correct result in green color. If the answer is correct you don't need to count anything, just wait for the next character. But, if the answer is wrong, make sure to remember the number of wrong answers. For each level, 50% of the answers should be correct to have the right evaluation for your eye test. The scores are shown as a number divided to 20. For example, if you only pass level #1, your eye test score is 20/200, meaning, the objects you can see in a 20ft distance, a normal person can see in 200ft distance. If you pass all 10 levels, your score will be 20/20, meaning the objects you can see in 20ft distance, a normal person can also see in 20ft distance. Please note that level #1 has only one character, level#2 has 2 characters, and so on. The final level has eight characters and you need to correctly answer at least four of them. You can also change the playing speed, by default it is set to 7 seconds. The first 3 seconds the question is shown and the rest you will see the answer in green color. Answer font is always big in order to clearly be visible from distance (5ft away).

It is important to note that, this test is NOT a clinical test for your eyes and has NO diagnostic values at all. It is just a simple test to get an overview of your vision's clarity. If you pass this test, it does NOT mean your vision is fine and you don't need to visit a doctor. Vice-versa, if you can do not pass the test, you may not have any vision problems at all. So, please see your eye care professional in order to get the right information for your eye's health (do NOT rely on the test results here). The eye vision test in this web-app is for your records only (as a general information), and please consider it as just a simple home checkup tool for your eyes (no personal health information is collected or stored in this app).

How to perform the test:

  1. Press on the play button at the top left corner of the UI.
  2. Stay 5 feet or 1.6 meters away from the screen (or monitor) and hold one of your eyes.
  3. Read the direction of the E character at each level (top, bottom, left or right).
  4. Complete all 10 levels for both eyes or, stop at the level where you can't read the E letter anymore.
  5. Please record your score and visit add-on's support page to get more info about your score and its definition.

If you found a bug in this page, or have a feature/function which you would like to see in this web app, please let us know by sending an email or through the discussion form below. Moreover, don't forget to check other web apps in webbrowsertools.com, we have many useful apps related to browser's privacy and security.

There are many charts designed to check the eyesight. The E chart presented here is one of the simplest ones and does not require any knowledge for English alphabets. Therefore, everybody can perform the test from young children to the elderly. In Tumbling E chart presented here, only the direction of the character is important. The app randomly changes the direction from top to bottom and left to rights. In total, 47 characters will appear on the screen and time to finish the test is around 5 minutes. In order to read more about visual acuity, please visit this Wikipedia page.

Color picker app is also available as a browser extension. As an extension, this app does not need an internet connection and can be used offline in your browser. Download links for three popular browsers are as follows: Chrome, Opera, Firefox.

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