ZIP Reader

View and extract ZIP files with JavaScript tools in your browser!



A handy tool to read and extract ZIP files in your browser. Simply drag & drop a zip file in the file selector UI below, and then click on the download button at the bottom of the UI.


This web application is designed to read and extract zip files in your browser. It uses few open-source Javascript tools to extract zip files and therefore no extra apps or plugins are required. Simply drag and drop your compressed file in the file selector UI (top section) and then write a filename (section II) and press on the download button (section III). You can view all the contents in the final folder (unzip folder) within the section (I) in the UI. This app, is using the open-source zip.js project to perform the unzip operation. Because the unzip engine runs in JavaScript, the performance might be slow comparing to native unzip applications in your machine. Therefore, use this app to perform unzip operations for simple to moderate tasks. For complex unzip operations please use a native application. You can use this web application in all modern browsers and platforms, including desktop and mobile browsers. This web app is not using any third-party API or server to perform the unzip operation and therefore, is safe to use in terms of privacy and security. We do NOT send or store your file(s) in any remote server; everything happens locally on your machine (browser).

If you found a bug in this page, or have a feature/function which you would like to see in this web app, please let us know by sending an email or through the discussion form below. Moreover, don't forget to check other web apps in webbrowsertools.com, we have many useful apps related to browser's privacy and security.

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