Math Suite

A collection of useful math tools for your browser in a single interface!



Convenient tool to handle complex math calculations. This app supports six different libraries to perform math operations. Simply write your expression and then click on the execute button to see the result.


This web application is designed to perform simple to complex math calculations. It uses six different javascript open-source math and plot libraries listed below. A sample code is also provided when the app is loading for the first time. You can review this code to get a brief overview of the app's capabilities. Please write math code in the left side editor or import your code from disk. Once the code is loaded and ready in the editor, please click on the execute button (orange color) to compile and see the results. The result is available in 4 separate tabs. Tab #1 has a plain format to show the results only in text format. Tab #2 renders the same result in a formatted (prettified) object style. Tab #3 is for the plot (if there is any). The last tab is for the console logs. Please note that the last executed code and tab-index is stored in the memory, so the next time you reload the app, it will be restored to the UI.

The top toolbar has nine buttons, where four of them are for tabs and explained above. The first button with a plus sign is for importing the code from the local dist in the ".txt" format. The next button is for clearing the UI. The third button in the toolbar if for saving the current code to the local disk on your machine. The fourth button is for inserting a sample code. This sample code provides a brief overview of all six libraries in this app. To get more info about the libraries please click on the links below and visit each library's GitHub repo.

  1. mathjs: https://github.com/josdejong/mathjs
  2. numeric: https://github.com/sloisel/numeric
  3. numeral: https://github.com/adamwdraper/Numeral-js
  4. bignumber: https://github.com/MikeMcl/bignumber.js
  5. accounting: https://github.com/openexchangerates/accounting.js
  6. plotly: https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js

Technical Notes

This app has a built-in editor to edit math codes on the left side. The editor uses CodeMirror javascript library. For the plot function, as mentioned above, this app uses the Plotly library. You can either use the "Plotly.newPlot" function directly or the simplified "math.plot" function provided here. If you want to use the - Plotly - function, please put "output-plot" as the first argument which is the id for plot container in the app UI. "math.plot" uses this id in the background.

Math Suite app is also available as a browser extension. As an extension, this app does not need an internet connection and can be used offline in your browser. Download links for three popular browsers are as follows: Chrome, Opera, Firefox.

If you found a bug in this page, or have a feature/function which you would like to see in this web app, please let us know by sending an email or through the discussion form below. Moreover, don't forget to check other web apps in webbrowsertools.com, we have many useful apps related to browser's privacy and security.

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