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Test how well your browser communicates with an external download manager



A test page to evaluate how well your browser is connected to an external download manager. This page contains different downloadable links with different types. For advance use, this page also included a single MP4 video file with no extension to evaluate automatic mime-type detection in case it is not provided by a server.


This page contains a list of sample files to test your browser extension download capabilities of handling different formats. It includes image, audio, video, document, and compressed files. There is a sample file with no file extension and binary mime type to test file extension detection using the "magic bytes" method. In this method, the download manager should detect the correct mime type and file extension based on the binary content that is retrieved from the server. In this method, the file extension that is returned by the server is ignored. Some operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS use the "magic bytes" technique to detect the file extensions, and the provided file extensions in the filename are completely ignored. However, in Windows OS, the operating system relies on the extension that is appended to the filename. There is no "magic bytes" verification.

This page also can be used to see how well a download manager can detect different types. For instance, you can ask your browser's download manager helper extension to collect all the possible download links and extract their file types.

Here is a list of recommended arguments to be passed to some well-known download managers. You can use this section to modify how your browser extension communicates with the external download manager. Also, these arguments can be used in other extensions that use native messaging to send commands to an external application like "External Application Button" by "Andy Portment"

DownloaderCommand-line Arguments
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)No command-line options. Uses POST requests to ""
Free Download Manager (FDM)"[URL]"

Full command-line list: [-fs] [-url=]url1 [-url=]url2 ... where "-fs" can be used to enter to the silent mode.
Internet Download Manager (IDM)/d "[URL]"

Full command-line list: /d URL [/p local_path] [/f local_file_name] [/q] [/h][/n] [/a] where "/s" argument adds the new job to the scheduler. "/p" sets the path to the location where download saves to the local disk. To set the local filename which overwrites the detection module use "/f" with the suggested filename in front. If you prefer to exit the download manager when file is fetched, use "/q" argument.
JDownloaderNo command-line options. Uses POST requests to ""

For complete list of communication commands take a look at jdownloader.org/knowledge/wiki/terminal
GNU WGet/C 'start cmd.exe "/S /K ""%ProgramFiles(x86)%\\GnuWin32\\bin\\wget.exe" --output-document="[FILENAME]" --user-agent="[USERAGENT]" --referer="[REFERRER]" --no-check-certificate --continue --load-cookies=[COOKIES] "[URL]"""'

For complete list of arguments take a look at gnu.org/software/wget/manual

Default installation path: this list contains the default installation path. If for any reason, you have used a custom path during installation, make sure to set the custom path on the options page of the helper extension.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)%ProgramFiles(x86)%\\DAP\\DAP.exe
Free Download Manager (FDM)%ProgramFiles%\\Softdeluxe\\Free Download Manager\\fdm.exe
Internet Download Manager (IDM)%ProgramFiles(x86)%\\Internet Download Manager\\IDMan.exe
JDownloader%LocalAppData%\\JDownloader 2.0\\JDownloader2.exe

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