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WebBrowserTools provide means to enhance the security of your browser. With the apps presented here, you can easily check your online privacy, security and also increase the productivity of your browser. The table below list all the available apps. Please click on each tile to open the corresponding page. You can also re-arrange tiles to match your desired order.


WebBrowserTools has innovative apps to better enhance using modern web browsers. Currently, there are a lot of security holes in browsers and many phishing websites use these holes to mitigate your online privacy/security. There are also many browser extensions or plugins that claim to have methods to improve your online security. With the apps developed on this website, you can easily check whether your privacy or security is at the desired level or not. We have developed several intelligent algorithms that check the underlying browser engine and inform the user of some very useful information.

All privacy/security apps provided here work in two modes. A - normal - mode which processes data from your browser with common javascript methods (easy to bypass). On the other hand, we have provided an - aggressive - method which reads data from the browser via bulletproof javascript methods that cannot be spoofed with browser extensions/plugins. You can easily check the result of both methods in each app's UI.

WebBrowserTools is designed to work both in mobile and desktop machines. All the apps are fully tested to work properly in modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) with our team of experienced software engineers. This website is also thoroughly optimized for the best speed and performance. If you found a bug in any app, or have a feature request in mind, please send us an email or communicate through the online forum available in each app's page. Someone from our software development team will be in touch with you regarding your request as soon as possible.

WebBrowserTools is always open for collaboration. If you are a software developer interested in web technologies, or person proficient in web programming and interested in developing web applications, we can help you. All the developed apps, after a thorough check for quality and performance, will be featured on our website and be available for everyone to use. You can easily communicate with users through our online forum to further develop your app based on public comments. Our team of software engineers will help you step by step through the process of developing web applications.

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